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About Underflod

Underflod is the opposite of the Danish word “overflod”, which means abundance. Underflod describes a minimalistic lifestyle.


A big word which meaning has become more and more important in recent years. While many among us know the term, it is easy to get confused about what the term actually represents.

Some define sustainability in a way in which the environmental systems of our planet are kept in balance. This is specified to where the systems can restore themselves fast enough compared to how they are consumed by humans. While we agree with this statement we also believe that sustainability is about more than its natural aspects. For us sustainability not only covers environmental issues but also keeps a close look at economic and social resources.


Circular economy

At underflod, we believe that supporting and working with local communities helps create a circular economy, which is important for both economic and social resources. We approach our suppliers, partners, and customers with honesty, responsibility and trust to form a long and beneficial relationship- a relationship that will sustain.
Our products are handcrafted and made from reused materials while securing a high-quality standard. At underflod we work with 90% reused aluminium. Melting used aluminium and reshaping it to create new products, uses 5% of the energy which would have been used to create raw material.

Hand picked & recycled

Our wood is hand picked up cycled material, which we handcraft into new underflod products. This way we can not only save emissions but also give used wood a new life.
Using both reused wood and aluminium allows us to keep our carbon footprint low.

Every day we give our best to be sustainable and trustworthy so that you, our customers, can purchase underflod products with a clear conscience.
By purchasing underflod products you help to participate in a circular economy.
Together we can make sustainability tangible and more accessible.

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