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Mads & Emil

Our vision is to bring Danish design back to Denmark. Our mission is to create design without abundance. With a sustainable mindset, underflod was founded in 2021 by the brothers Mads and Emil.

With passion for traditional Danish design and craftsmanship, we aim to create a value chain that will benefit local communities.


Our philosophy

At underflod, we believe that supporting and working with local communities helps create a circular economy, which is important for both economic and social resources. We approach our suppliers, partners, and customers with honesty, responsibility and trust to form a long and beneficial relationship- a relationship that will sustain.
Our products are handcrafted and made from reused materials while securing a high-quality standard. At underflod we work with 90% reused aluminium. Melting used aluminium and reshaping it to create new products, uses 5% of the energy which would have been used to create raw material.


The hermod serving tray

The tray that is inspired by history, made with the past for the future. Designed and developed to last generations. 

Recycled paint coat

The tray is made from old paint that would have otherwise been thrown away. With the Hermod product, you can show your appreciation for the environment and live more sustainably by buying less items made of new materials.

Recycled wood

We’re trying to create a product that is sustainable and eco-friendly by reusing old furniture. The Hermod tray is made totally out of recycled wood from old furniture. The reused wood comes from old furniture that have been donated. This means that no new trees are cut down.

Minimalistic design

The Hermod tray is a beautifully designed tray that focuses on simplicity and moderation. It is designed to be the perfect addition to any enviroment, and avoids the overwhelming design trend of abundance.


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